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As begins, your bonding with your partner might face minor issues. Try to clear any doubts or misunderstandings as soon as possible, as it would cause problems later. After March , matters seem peaceful and love would flourish. Single Pisces natives could meet a potential partner while traveling. However, your horoscope warns not to be too emotional about it, as this would not be a long-term relation.

Pisces, if you are planning to propose to someone you love, taking help from a female friend would be beneficial.

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Chances are your might seek your help in a financial matter in Your horoscope shows possibility of a love marriage near the end of the year. Your marriage life seems good, Pisces. The horoscope speaks of a possible new work or job with your spouse. Be careful near August , since quarrels might hurt your relation.

Speak softly and try to resolve things as soon as possible. All issues seem to resolve from October onwards. A long family trip around the end of would boost harmony and happiness in your domestic life. The Pisces horoscope speaks of a good period for your health. An energetic and enthusiastic nature would keep you in good spirits. However, your horoscope warns against possible cold and cough. After June , be alert against a heart related ailment. If needed, immediately consult a doctor. Take care of your head, since headaches or head related issues might trouble you.

Pisces, would add many destinations in your list of traveling. Your horoscope denotes a hectic schedule with plenty of possible journeys in However, avoid air travel. With the start of , you may have to travel frequently for work.

Pisces Horoscope 12222: You May Get More Self Aware

Chances of a religious journey with your father are there after March Pisces horoscope shows profitable new work projects likely after September that might take you abroad. Manage your expenses carefully while traveling with friends. Pisces, your horoscope shows mixed results. Family relations look cordial and harmonious. Minor quarrels are possible, yet a calm and patient approach would solve any issue peacefully.


Pisces Student Horoscope 12222

Speak softly and respect everyone to keep things smooth. A party or celebration at your home near May would bring everyone together. Your horoscope indicates possible family trips and pilgrimage with parents on the horizon. Pisces, any ongoing land or property related dispute would resolve by the end of Pisces, treat your children with care, as chances are some confusion might pull them away from you.

Talk to them politely and keep a cordial bonding with them. Spend more time with them and listen to them patiently. They might win a prize at school or college near mid Be careful towards health of your children Pisces, especially near August Results might not be as expected. Find an experienced and trusted person to help them guide on the right career path. Pisces horoscope depicts possibility for them to learn a new language in Your efforts to send them abroad for higher studies would bear positive results.

Ved Shastra. Home The Secrets of Horoscope Unlocked! Pisces Horoscope Pisces, make the most of with a confident and calm approach.

12222 Pisces Horoscope Preview

The new year looks bright and promising, with plenty to offer. Work hard and shape your own destiny. Your horoscope indicates a strong and favorable period, provided you work towards your goals patiently and sincerely.

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Pisces Horoscope —Planetary Transits and Their Influence on Your Horoscope Here is the list of planetary transits taking place in and shaping the Pisces Horoscope: With the beginning of , Jupiter would be in your 9th house, which is the house of fortune and foreign travels, till 7th November We count on Venus and Mercury to ameliorate these types of situations and to keep things moving and positive. This is good dignity for both of these planets. Fall back on the analytical ability, eagerness and humor of Mercury paired with the graceful diplomacy of Venus when the going gets tough.

The mutual aspect of Mars and Saturn does not have to be only filled with head-butting aggression and disagreement. With intention, we can make room for both of these agendas. While Mars and Saturn are not friends and have a fascinating, unbalanced relationship, when harmonized, their energies can combine to build strong structures upon firm foundations. We can have power, courage, plans and initiative as we move forward with new things Mars in Virgo while at the same time applying humility, learning from past mistakes and taking responsibility for the harm that we have committed Saturn in Sagittarius with Ketu.

The key is overcoming Mars' fiery tendency toward impatience and aggression while letting go of negativity and fear that disturb our minds from Saturn's ponderous influence. Venus joins Mercury in her own air sign of Libra on October 3, extending the dance of these two communicative and connective planets into a new corner of the ballroom. This also puts some space between the representatives of our two planetary camps, perhaps allowing for a bit more peace. Mars and Sun stay behind in Virgo until later in the month of October while Mercury and Venus move forward into Libra.

This gives us a few weeks to get busy in the creative realms, getting results, while at the same time fueling up on bigger foundational shifts that we've been looking forward to for some time. While in Virgo, both Mercury and Venus were also feeling the heavy aspect of Saturn, which urges silence, caution or separation when it comes to communication and relationships. This may bring feelings of desire for social interaction and creative production in the form of fine arts, writing or music.

Let's not forget that Venus has been in the underworld for some time, meaning that she has been in combustion with the Sun which disappears her from our sight, making a transition from morning star to evening star over the summer months of After the superior conjunction of Sun and Venus on August 14, Venus has moved ahead of Sun in the zodiac and will begin to appear as "evening star," showing herself in the western sky after sunset, around October When it comes to matters of Venus, which include connection with others, creative efforts, artistic expression, entertainment and vehicles, we may feel as if the tides are finally turning and we will regain some enthusiasm and juice for these indications after a long hiatus.

Moon moves into Capricorn on October 6, which also breaks the Kala Amrita Yoga that forms when Moon moves past Rahu and all the planets will be hemmed between the nodes. The next round of this combination comes into effect October 20 — November 2. This can create an environment in which we feel that things fall into place without effort, either for positive or negative outcome.

Therefore, do see the period between October 6 - 20, when the Moon is outside of the bind of the nodal axis, as a time when you may be able to see more objectively and make decisions based on actual information instead of relying solely on intuition. For the first week of that period, the Moon is waxing and for the second, the Moon wanes. Jupiter's aspect on the full Moon is auspicious and positive for growth. Revati is the final nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning the final degrees of Pisces and ruled by the planet Mercury.

The combination of Jupiter and Mercury rulership in this final nakshatra and final sign of the zodiac signal a culmination and a transition into new territory as we leave behind defunct emotions, irrelevant memories and lost ideas. The conscious letting go of that which is no longer supporting the present is advised during this time.

Let's not forget that the combination of Saturn and Ketu in Venus' nakshatra, Purvashada, is also urging us to dredge up, cleanse and flow on. The Sun and Mars in Mercury's Virgo are opposite the Moon at this time, revealing the data that we need to use in our future plans. There may have been an influx of information that can finally be processed and integrated into the current projects.

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Open the mind to sudden inspiration when it comes to creative expression, networking, business plans and relationship conduct during this time. Mercury, nakshatra dispositor of the Moon, will be coming under heavy influence of Rahu at this time, joined by Venus who also rules Libra where this energetic pair are running. Mercury is also placed in a Rahu-ruled nakshatra at the time, Swati; be ready for that amazing idea, solution or revelation to pop in sideways! The Sun exits Virgo for Libra on October 17, entering into Venus' air sign, which also happens to be the place where the Sun experiences debilitation.

This annual trek through Libra occurs when the Sun's appearance in the day sky becomes markedly shorter and weaker, at least in the northern hemisphere. The Sun never gets close enough to combust either Mercury or Venus while they are transiting the final degrees of Libra, so use the Sun's powerful light to fuel the creative streak and keep the parade moving. While this Sun transit through Libra may not be the best for individual pursuits and solo time in the spotlight, it is a good time to compromise individual needs and agendas in favor of group participation and harmony.

This also takes the pressure off of the Sun from his enemy, Saturn, who is creating some grey, cloudy weather by aspecting the sign of Virgo, affecting not only the sign but the planets moving through. Even though the Sun becomes debilitated in Libra, it may be slightly an improvement from enduring Saturn's aspect while the Sun transited Virgo. The Sun's exit from Virgo leaves only Mars in occupation there, clearing the deck for the mutual aspect between Mars and Saturn to be uninhibited by any other planets through November 9 when Mars enters Libra.

This may be actually positive in the sense of problem solving, with fewer planets making static between the signs of Sagittarius and Virgo, currently linked by the mutual aspect between two hard driving planets. Mercury is leading the charge of the inner planets for now, plunging into Mars' water sign of Scorpio on October Mercury tends to pick up the tendencies and desires of the planets he associates with and will be shifting attention from Venus to Mars as he moves into Scorpio.

Venus and Mercury have been traveling closely together for months, since the last retrograde cycle brought them together in Cancer, back in August. To be fair, Mars has also been lingering around those two, as well. Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Ketu, which will put Mercury and Mars into an exchange of signs between October 23 — November 7, when retrograde Mercury dips back to Libra, to be joined by Mars entering Libra November 10, which will then put Mars and Venus into an exchange of signs.

There will be plenty of dancing and partner changes involving Mercury, Venus and Mars this autumn. This two week period between October 23 — November 7 when Mercury visits Scorpio and engages in an exchange with Mars in Virgo could be very productive. There's also the piece about Mercury joining with Jupiter in Scorpio, which puts the two dispositors of the nodal axis together in one spot. With Mercury playing the role of student and Jupiter playing the role of teacher, these two planets come together in the transformative sign of Scorpio, just before Jupiter will be moving on into Sagittarius on November 4.

Mercury is currently the dispositor of Rahu, placed in Mercury's Gemini while Jupiter is currently the dispositor of Ketu, placed in Jupiter's Sagittarius. The point of this observation is that the nodal axis tends to cause situations that are quite meaningful and impactive on our life path.

During the times that the nodal axis falls in the Jupiter and Mercury signs, we have a strong foundation in learning from life's impositions as well as from our own mistakes. We win some, we lose some; that is an eternal truth. Our reactions to the uncontrollable situations in life are where we learn the most about who we really are.

Venus moves into Scorpio, following Mercury who is soon to station and begin a retrograde cycle which will put space between Venus and Mercury as Venus moves into the deep and cold, icy waters of Scorpio and Mercury moves back toward Mars and Sun in the sign of Libra. Thus begins a new phase for Venus, recently emerged from a long combustion with the Sun that shifted her appearance from morning to evening.

She also emerges from combustion in good dignity in her own sign, supported by friendly Mercury. Venus governs the realms of relationships, social contracts, human inspiration and the spark of connection that creates bonds between people. The signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius that are coming up on her transit agenda could provide some challenging backdrops as we humans continue to desire all things Venus.