9 february horoscope capricorn

Sweeping a troubling issue under the rug only means that it will rise up again and again with greater intensity. If you're actually dealing with a mountain, don't pretend it's just a molehill! Stay true to your feelings and address the conflict honestly.

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A negotiation and hopefully a compromise are in order, but if you race to resolution, you could wind up with the short end of the stick. Stand your ground. Take a morning detour to the juice bar, Capricorn, or fire up the cold-pressed appliance on your counter. With the moon in your wellness zone this morning, the extra shot of dark leafy greens and warming ginger will be the perfect fuel to power you through those end-of-week tasks.

If you need to get centered, slip off for a yoga class or do a two-minute meditation at your desk.

February 9 Zodiac Sign

Here's some motivation for getting 'er done. Late morning, la luna flows into Cancer and your seventh house of partnerships, setting the stage for a romantic Friday night dinner or a lively night out with a BFF. Trying too hard to keep the peace lately, Capricorn? On Saturday, the sensitive moon will oppose subterranean Pluto, reminding you that you can still disagree diplomatically.

Be honest about your dream scenario instead of being either "nice" or cutthroat. Your candid admission could pave the way for an unforeseen compromise.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Let the negotiations begin! Sunday's dilemma: Commit or quit? You may be eager for answers to your big romantic questions as the heartfelt Cancer moon in your relationship zone trines the Sun in possessive Scorpio.